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You are comfortable getting the party started and are enthusiastic about sharing Juvo's values publicly to your family, friends, and local community.

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You think outside the box, and are willing to share your feedback on Juvo marketing materials and pitch awesome ideas to our staff. You take initiative in your own group projects and are a team leader.

The Juvo JobSquad is an exclusive group of paid ambassadors looking to have a positive impact on the local working community. The Squad is responsible for sharing information about Juvo Jobs via social media, in-person events, and through other creative projects.

What is the Juvo JobSquad?

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We are looking for outgoing and connected individuals that embody the Juvo Jobs spirit. Here are some of the qualities we are looking for:


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"I applied on Juvo... Within the next day I got a notification from two of the places I applied for and they were communicating with me."

Jared G.

Arisma F.

"Juvo helps me follow my passion and I'm getting paid to do it!"

"I grew in my creativity and worked with people who were genuinely so uplifting, encouraging and kind."

Kendall J.


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Yesenia Showers

The Art Institute of Atlanta

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